Donate blood for your own health and beauty, spend time in an extraordinary and beneficial way.

No one takes care of us like we do.
Donating blood is a way not only to help others, but also to benefit yourself. By donating blood regularly, we take care more responsibly of our lifestyle, but also the donations themselves provide additional health benefits by stimulating metabolism, slowing down aging, and preventing a number of diseases.

The #Bloom campaign is designed to build a donation based life philosophy and to promote taking care of yourself both physically and mentally.

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Kola singer joined #Bloom campaign as the ambassador

Photo project
The photo project will be represented by donor portraits, among whom you will see yourself. How often do you think of who you are and who you can be? How often do you say to yourself "This is not for me?". We will show that blood donation is about everyone, we will discover and highlight a superpower that you had no idea about.

The exhibition started on June 14, 2023 in Kyiv. Stay tuned to #seeit in your city.

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Creating flowerbeds
The symbol of the campaign is the hydrangea flower, which has lush inflorescences of single fragile flowers. Hydrangea is about the beauty of the individual, strengthened in unity.
Join to plant a hydrangea in your city and support the campaign about blood donation benefits.

Hydrangeas are planted from June to October, plants bloom from August to October.

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Mark the occasion of your 18th birthday with donating blood
If you are crossing off the days in the calendar until your 18th birthday to finally become a blood donor, fill out the form, download the blood donation certificate and wait for gifts and congratulations.
During the whole project duration
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Educational activities
A series of lectures, interviews and broadcasts on the benefits of donation by medical professionals and your favorite bloggers. Learn more fascinating facts about your body.
During the whole project duration. Stay tuned.
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Donor menu
Donors should keep a special balanced healthy diet before donating blood. This might be confusing and preventing point.
Cooks and gastronomes will offer the proper donor's diet to keep – the diet with a sauce of pleasure: healthy, tasty, diverse and original.
May 2024
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"Neophyte party" is a party for those who donate blood for the first time
The first experience is crucial, because motivation is a capricious thing. Let's make sure it doesn't leave you.
Young people, students and generally those who have not donated blood before would be able to become newcomers simply at a party with music, n/a cocktails and surprises.
During the whole project duration
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Exclusive campaign merch
We create merch that resonates with the values of modern donors — comfortable, stylish, high-quality and unique. In cooperation with the Ukrainian clothing brand W8less, we create merch that resonates with the modern donors’ values — it is comfortable, stylish, high-quality and unique. All the sales profit are dontaed to the donor movement development.
The campaign merch launched on 14.06.2023
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The conditional flower of the campaign will open and vegetate. Don't miss your petal!